About Us

Geoff Clegg Ltd was established in 1986 to provide a reliable, comprehensive and knowledgeable source of quality lifting gear to service the North Sea Oil Industry. The company has achieved healthy growth over the years and our market areas now encompass most industrial sectors, including a growing export market.

With the aim of supplying Quality Products we have formed relationships with International Manufacturers and Suppliers for the supply of Wire Rope Fittings, Chain and Chain Fittings, General Loose Lifting Gear and a Stainless Steel System for Architectural use.

Hubert Waltermann GmbH

  • Sika Chain System
  • HW Wire Rope Accesories
  • ASS Stainless Steel for Architectural Use

Ropeblock B.V.

  • Wire Rope Sockets
  • Snatch/Crane Blocks
  • Turnbuckles and Accessories